After the big hit to the Netflix stock, the popular DVD rental company had to rethink it's strategy a bit.  They have decided to rename their home delivery service and add the option of renting video games.

Netflix subscribers can expect to see a new name on their DVD by mail envelopes.  Company CEO Reed Hastings announced that they will be re-naming the mail service 'Qwikster'.  The streaming movies will still be called Netflix, but now subscribers of both will have to log onto different websites to control their queues.  Qwikster already has a webpage set up with a landing page, but no time line of when it's actually going to start.

It looks like Qwikster is going to completely separating from Netflix after a while, and they will also be adding video game rentals to that service as well.  Subcribers to Quikster will be able to get games delivered to their home (for a little extra money) for the X-Box 360, Wii and Playstation 3.

Obviously Netflix is now going after video game home delivery service GameFly, who has been delivering this service for the past 9 years.

Reed Hastings said in a statement that streaming was becoming bigger and bigger and it would be easier to manage them as separate entities.  Hastings also added that customers shouldn't expect any other price increases in the future either.