I have been a NetFlix subscriber for a while now.  So you can imagine my surprise when I opened up my email and saw that they are raising their rates, and by a lot.

I love my NetFlix subscription service.  Right now my plan consists on unlimited streaming and one DVD in the mail at a time. That package is pretty awesome and only cost me about $10 a month.  Last night I received an email that said that they would be raising their rates.

This isn't unusual.  In a few years as a subscriber they only raised their rates once and it was only by a few cents.  This one however is a price hike of over 60%!  They are separating their streaming and 1 DVD plan into their own plans, so if you want them both you'll have to pay around $16 now.  This seems a bit unreasonable if you ask me.  I think NetFlix is feeling the pinch of some of the big studios and need to raise rates in order to pay for the programming.

The main issue I have with this is that most of the stuff available for streaming is junk.  They act like it's such a convenience, but most of it is older shows that I have no interest in.  That seems to be the main gripe amongst subscribers right now.  They want NetFlix to make all their content available for streaming.  Wishful thinking but I don't see it happening.  I also don't think that one DVD at a time is worth the $7.99 price either.  I think NetFlix will be losing customers over this for sure.