Rough rough! “What’s that, girl? Did Rosie fall straight down an old well while engaging in outdoor public premarital relations again?”

This sexy plot twist from a future episode of "Lassie" that hasn’t been made yet is the real-life story for a 21-year-old woman in Spain.

According to the woman was with a Casanova at a local private hangout when they decided to spice things up. Traditional beds and sofas were not doing the trick for these two lovebirds so they started to get it on atop a covered well. Apparently all the thrusting and flamenco dance moves loosened the well’s cover and it gave way. When the cover broke it caused the young woman to fall 10 meters into the water below. Sensing his partner was in danger, the man of this story did the gentlemanly thing and high tailed it out of there never to look back.

Soon after the woman was deserted by prince charming, Spanish firefighters received an anonymous call. Officials arrived on the scene to rescue the now soaking wet underwear-less women. She was brought to a hospital to be treated for symptoms of hypothermia.

This is the same way my parents got engaged. Romance in a nutshell, really.