You have to give this guy credit for the thought I guess.

An Australian man, believed to be in his 20's, decided he wanted to surprise his girlfriend in the most unusual way - by hiding naked in a top loaded washing machine. 

The man stripped down to his birthday suit and jumped in to washer. That when things went horribly wrong, as you soon realizes he was stuck.

The guy's girlfriend then had to call emergency officials to come to the rescue. I'm sure the guy was quit embarrassed as the officials had to use olive oil as a lubricant to free him.

In other "stuck in the washer news": An 11 year old girl near Salt Lake, Utah had to be rescued from the washer after deeming it a good place to hide during a game of hide-and-seek.

After realizing she wasn't going to be found the girl tried to exit only to figure out she was stuck. Her legs were curled up so much that she lost function of her muscles.

Peanut butter, ice cream (?), and warm water were all used before 911 was called.

Thankfully after being pulled out by firefighters the girl regained use of her legs and no hospital visit was needed.

Now granted, we couldn't find a good video of someone stuck in a washer - We did find these girls riding in the dryer (Please Don't Try This At Home)