Old school metal band Def Leppard might be getting older, but their music and fame is only getting bigger and better. It was recently announced that they will be releasing a live album with music from past shows. How cool is this?! 

Def Leppard hail from England, have been in existence since 1977, and their discography consists of 10 studio albums, three compilation albums, two extended plays (EP), 50 singles, 33 music videos, and eight video albums.

They can now add their first-ever live album to the impressing list, as "Mirrorball" is set to release this summer. It will include

 three new studio songs alongside live cuts, and will be packaged with a DVD of bonus performances and the obligatory backstage footage. It has footage from shows all over the world, and features some of their oldest, most-famous songs, along with the three new ones. They have also announced their summer U.S. tour, which kicks off June 15 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This live album is great news and a great idea for Def Leppard, who have been around for decades. It proves that the band is versatile and want to appeal to all age groups, even teenagers and young people. They will always have the love and support from their older fans, so it's great to see them reaching out to younger generations. They've been around since before I was born. My parents listened to them and saw them live, and now here I am 30 years later writing about this exciting news. How awesome!

What are your thoughts on this news?