It was no laughing matter when the British comedy-star crashed a rare, million dollar car in a town 85 miles north of London last night, but I bet most car fanatics shed a tear or two.

Rowan Atkinson was treated for a shoulder injury before being released from a hospital after crashing his McLaren F1 supercar just north of London Thursday evening.  Speeding  No word on what caused the crash, but the "Blackadder" star managed to hit a tree and lamppost before the car eventually caught fire.  The fire was under control by 8:15pm after rescue workers arrived and brought Mr. Bean to a hospital.

The irony?  Earlier this week, Atkinson made a guest appearance on the British car show "Top Gear."  Apparently, he recorded the fastest lap time in a segment the show airs called "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car."  CLEARLY, Atkinson was not testing his McLaren at the show since it sells for at least $1million.  There are only 65, now 64, in existence on the planet.  The car's top speed can hit 230mph.  Atkinson has a penchant for fast, luxury cars and has a collection that includes Aston Martins and Rolls Royces, minus one McLaren F1.