Motley Crue will headline a summer tour with supporting act Poison. It's their 30th and 25th anniversary respectively.  Also joining the tour are the New York Dolls.  

The dates for the tour have been announced and it appears Vince Neil will be out of jail in time.

It's surprising that Motley Crue and the Bret Michaels lead band Poison would announce a tour together as there has been bad blood between the two bands dating back to the 80's and the hair band craze.

Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue bassist stated in 2004 that "No way in fucking hell would we  ever, ever tour with a fucking band like POISON," he wrote. "We have had talks with KISS and I told them very clearly that we would not do the tour if they used POISON. That would be the death of us... I will not be attached to that kind of fake bullshit..."  and then went on the say "There ain't no way in hell I'm doing that tour. I will not play with fucking POISON. There are followers and leaders. I'm not into followers." 

Well that was in 2004, it's 7 years later and now they are touring this summer.  Will they be coming near the Capital Region?  Plan on it! The Crue loves this area.  Watch the video to find out! Keep listening to Q103 for more information.