There have been many studies about what people do behind the wheel while driving. The obvious ones rise to the top, like texting, talking on the phone, eating. No. one on the list is actually singing though.

So what are the top songs to belt out with the windows down this summer? asked 2,000 people what songs they liked the most to sing along to while driving. The top song? Journey's classic 'Don't Stop Believing.'

  1. Journey "Don't Stop Believing"
  2. Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  3. AC/DC “You Shook Me All Night Long” 
  4. Journey “Any Way You Want It” 
  5. Tom Cochrane “Life is a Highway”

The Top 5 songs people don't like to hear anyone sing in the car are

  1. The Baha Men "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
  2. Taylor Swift "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" 
  3. Cher "Believe"
  4. Morris Albert "Feelings"
  5. Madonna "Papa Don't Preach"

Other highlights on the 'worst list' includes Creed's 'Arms Wide Open' and Jefferson Starship's 'We Built This City.'

What's your favorite song to sing while driving?