With Thanksgiving coming up, many people are thinking that they are going to "eat smart" during the holiday season. Let's face facts; that's a novel idea in thought but once that spread is in front of you, how can you say "no?"

With that in mind, many of us are actually expecting to gain weight over the holidays.

No matter who you try to avoid it, over the next six week you will more than likely gain some weight thanks to all the holiday feast, parties, etc coming up. Though 55% of respondents to this survey claim they won't gain any weight (denial anyone?).

91% say it will be their OWN fault for the weight gain due to not having any self-control when it comes to eating. 29% say that's because they are surrounded by such good cooks during the holidays that they can't resist the urge to splurge a little.

And for these reasons many people say their New Year's resolution is to lose weight, but also the same reason they give up by mid-February on that resolution.