On Monday, a dead body was discovered in the small town of Westerlo, NY. Not much was known then, but details are starting to be revealed.

The neighborhood deli will never be the same. Being from the area, I will say that P&L Deli is a big spot to stop at when in Westerlo, NY. They rent the above apartment out, but things are going to be different now.

Monday, the body of 22 year old Gabriel Philby-Zetsche was discovered in what police describe as a murder scene. Philby-Zetsche had cerebral palsy, and lived in the apartment with his Mother. She is currently considered a suspect, and according to the Times Union, she's not talking.

Albany Sheriff Craig Apple said that along with the Mother, Tracy Zetsche, three others are also being questioned.

As someone who grew up in Westerlo, I will say that I am a bit shaken by this. You know everyone in that town, and would never expect anything like this to happen. Lets just hope that the Police can quickly resolve this so everyone can get back to normal.