At least that's what Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is saying.  He isn't guaranteeing a tour but he says that the show in California won't be the last. 

So everyone is getting pretty excited to see yet another Big 4 performance.  The draw back for us here in the Capital Region is that it's taking place in California.  Now I have seen comments on the page and Q103 facebook saying to bring it to the East Coast.  You may be getting your wish.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told that no one should be ruling out more of these gigs coming in the future.  He also added that all the bands have their own thing going on so he doesn't want it to overtake anyone's schedule for the next few years either. In the interview he talked about how the music that they all play has aged really well and he keeps seeing younger and younger people in the crowd.  Maybe he is referencing that poor kid that Kirk Hammett kicked in the face at one of their Death Magnetic shows, but I digress!  To see more of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax would be awesome.  I believe I saw that Anthrax is even working on a new album.  So lets all pray to the heavy metal gods that this hits our area in the near future.

If we keep it special, it's better than to overstay your welcome and people run screaming away. Let's see what happens.

-Lars Ulrich ( interview)

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