If you were in the Latham area over the weekend, there's a good chance you may have seen the reported moose that was wandering around.

State police were on the lookout after reported sightings of the animal near Latham Circle early Sunday. The moose was then seen heading north and reports came in about sightings in various locations all throughout the town. Police cars were lined up on the Northway between exits 2 and 4 searching for the animal where they caught up with it near the post office on Route 155.

The animal was then killed, as officials feared once it awoke (if it was tranquilized) it could wander back to the area and cause a dangerous situation.

Moose sightings are on the rise in the Albany region as last week a family called in a report of one in their backyard in Halfmoon. That moose clocked in at 600 pounds.