One thing Monte is learning now that he's a single man is that dinner doesn't cook itself. Sometimes I don't have the cash to go out to eat and let's face it, like most single men, my culinary skills are non existent so I have conjured a list of the top single guy meals that are easy to make.

Hot Dogs - Think about this, for about three bucks, you can easily have dinner for a good three nights if you buy yourself a frozen eight or ten pack of hot dogs.  Another dollar and a half and you can score yourself a loaf of bread instead of buns.  Not only will you save a few more dollars but the bread comes in handy for other meals.  *Tip - if you eat over the sink, you won't need to wash the plate.

Frozen TV Dinners- You can go either way on this one, a full TV dinner or the pot pie.  I'm a fan of the Banquet meals, for about a dollar you can get your meat, potatoes and veggies all cooked up in three minutes.  The pot pie is nice as well, each spoonful has the meat, potatoes and veggies all in one. No plate, no mess.

Pasta Sides- These little pouches of pasta cook rather quickly after you boil a little milk or water and add the pouch of flavoring.  Toss in some melted butter and these guys should fill you right up.  I've learned you have to watch the milk when you boil it, if not it tends to spill out on to the stove.  The pasta also falls into my food budget.

Canned Chili- What's great about canned chili (or any sort of soup, canned pasta, etc.) is that I can pop the top and toss it into a microwavable safe bowl and nuke it up for about a minute. These are quite tasty, inexpensive and very easy to make!

Peanut Butter and Jelly-The loaf of bread you purchased for the hot dogs come back in play here.  Imagine how many sandwiches you can make off of one jar of jelly (I'm partial to grape) and peanut butter (smooth : ) )  For a couple of bucks, I bet you can make 20 sandwiches.  I may have to start a tally next week.

Pizza - Ya know, I got a small cheese for under $5.00  at the Dominos today?   I'd imagine for ten bucks you could get two meals out of a pie. I know, I know, this isn't something you can pick up in the grocery store and stash away but it's still pretty cheap and you can even get a few places to deliver it to you.  With today's gas prices being around $4.00 a gallon, I'd rather tip a delivery man than to fill up the ride and venture to the store some days.