You have one, I know.  "The list."  We all have a list of celebrities that we dream would walk up to us in a bar and say "I'm only in town for one night..."   Here are my top five ladies that Monte would like to take out for a cup of tea.

1) Lacey Chabert - A 29 year old beauty that you may have seen on Party of Five or recognize from Family Guy, but let's be honest, you can only think about the Santa Claus scene from Mean Girls.

2) Lzzy Hale - Lead singer of Halestorm, you may need to help me not trip on my tongue next week when she comes to town.

3) Beverley Mitchell - She used to be on a show called 7th Heaven.   Yeah, it's OK, I didn't watch either.  I am, however, a fan of Beverley!

4) Christina Aguilera - I heard she sings?


5) Katy Perry - Might just the purple hair.  Yes - yes I would.


What about you- who is on your celebrity "list" ?