When you tailgate before a football game there are certain things that can be expected. Drinking, rowdiness, games and strippers?  That last one is pretty different, and now the "Booty Lounge" mobile strip club is in trouble for showing up in parking lots before Detroit Lions games and getting men to go inside to get lap dances. 

Detroit based news station WDIV sent hidden cameras into a parking lot at Ford Field to catch the Booty Lounge in action.  Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this.  They probably made a ton of money doing it too.  I wouldn't take part in it, because it just seems way gross and sketchy.

The thing I do have a problem with is the fact that they have the strippers walk around in the crowd where there are children present.  If they are in fact going to do this, they should only conduct business on the bus, not outside.

Other issues have come up though and that's the fact that they don't have a right to legally be there, so it looks like the lap dances before Lions games  are over, for now.