God Bless The Booty. Carine Felizardo won the Miss Bum Bum contest in Brazil, meaning she has the sexiest female posterior in the country and walking away with several thousand dollars in prizes.

Carine is described as a "Jessica Simpson" lookalike. She 25 years old and said of her win "I'm overwhelmed. Very, very happy." She followed up with "I would like to thank those who voted for me, those who believed in me, my family, my friends."

Carine teared up as the award was presented to her. She beat out 15 other women in the finals. The judging panel consisted of six women and five men.

This is the contest's second year and it's already gaining a lot of popularity as Brazilians are known "tush" lovers.

Talk about a great job as a judge for this, right? You get paid to sit there and judge amazing butts from even more amazing women - I call that a win!

Flickr user Nicanoticias.com