I just about lost it when I found out who she has been spending her time with. 

8 years with Macaulay Culkin? I can’t believe it. Was this common knowledge? I didn’t have a clue that my little princess was spending her time with that runt! I was always a fan of Mila as “Jackie” on That 70’s Show, but she always played such a shallow person that I knew if I had the choice, I would have had to go with Donna simply because her character was a much deeper and better person. Let's face it, Donna's cool factor far outweighed any physical appearnce edge that Jackie might have had.  After seeing Mila in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” though, I saw the sweeter side of her, and fell in love. And now, I’m just appalled that she has spent almost a decade the kid from the “Home Alone” movies.