As it turns out, Metallica isn't against doing just that.  They will be playing a local corporate party in their home town of San Francisco.

Metallica is one of those bands that has always seemed to be rebellious, yet remain smart business men.  This is another one of those cases.  Guitarist Kirk Hammett just happens to be neighbors with the head honcho of .   They host a four day tech convention called Dreamforce, and this year Metallica is on the bill.

They are following the likes of Neil Young, The Foo Fighters and Stevie Wonder to perform at this event.  It lasts for four days,, and in the day time you brush up on your cloud computing skills, and then later that night Metallica is there to rock your faces off. read something like this:

Details for official Metallica fan club members can be found online, and apparently all are welcome to attend.  Not your typical Metallica show, but pretty cool for the old resume.  I think these convention guys might be in a bit of shock to see whose attending this years event.  Their priority may not be computers.