It looks like my No.1 fan is back with another message. The Metal Madman is slowly becoming obsessed with me... he’s even trying to mimic my every move. It’s adorable, really. To catch you up to speed with the saga between the Madman and I, check out this post from last week [click].

After a few weeks of me not owning up to my request for a beer-chugging contest, I responded to the Madman’s impatient grumpy remarks. I decided the Madman deserved a valid reason for why we have not thrown down yet. The reason was simple, and I explained it in this short video.

After I released that chunk of Internet video gold, the Madman went in a basement beer-drinking frenzy and answered back. His video is below and you might notice some very impressive beer chugging in it. Keep in mind he didn’t just only chug two beers, but he chugged two beers from within his mother’s basement.

PS: Madman, these were my obligations from the other day. Believe it baby chicken!