No one loves the troops more than musicians and artists.   Over the years bands have performed over seas for them time and again.  These are just a few of my favorite videos dedicated to our men and women in uniform.I am always moved when I see a band do a tribute to the troops.  Obviously they know their audience and the men and women of the armed forces make up a big chunk of rock music fans.  These are three of my favorite video tributes to them.

1. Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company

This is a really cool video. It's not only a bad ass performance by FFDP, but it shows them interacting with the troops and even going out with them. The ultimate meet & greet.

2. Drowning Pool - Soldiers

Drowning Pool has been part of the USO tour several times and I even heard tales of their music being blasted at boot camps across the country. Loved by the troops, this is a great video of them performing over in Iraq. A fitting tribute to their biggest fans.

3. Saving Abel - 18 Days

Shot right on the flight deck of the USS Hornet, this single was released as a single dedicated to our US troops all over the world. I remember talking to the guys of Saving Abel last summer and they said that it was one of the best experiences for them. I think it sums up the life of a soldier pretty well. Love the video and the song. I think it sums up the life of a soldier pretty well.