Since nobody won the Mega Millions last week, the estimated Mega Millions Jackpot for tonight's drawing will be the 3rd highest ever at $363 Million Dollars! You can't win if you don't play, so go out and get a ticket today, all it costs is a dollar. The drawing will take place at 11pm.

Winning this amount of money could definitely change your life. The odds of actually hitting all 5 numbers of the Mega Million plus the Mega ball to win $363 Million dollars are one in 175,711,536!

Here are the top ten Mega Millions Jockpots, when and where they were won.

1. $390 million: March 2007; Georgia, New Jersey

2. $380 million: January 2011; Idaho, Washington

3. $336 million: August 2009; California, New York

4. $330 million: August 2007; Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia

5. $319 million: March 2011; Albany New York

6. $315 million: November 2005; California

7. $294 million: July 2004; Massachusetts

8. $275 million: February 2008; Georgia

9. $270 million: February 2006; Ohio

10. $266 million: May 2010; California

Good Luck!  If you win because you read this story and get a ticket, please remember to throw a couple of bucks my way.

However if nobody wins tonight, then the jackpot increases and so does the fever pitch!