As the week nears an end, which also means the end of session for the State Legislature, it looks like the 'Compassionate Care Act' may not pass and become law.

The bill which would call for Medical Marijuana to become legal in the state of New York has been meeting opposition from Governor Cuomo. He claimed to be open to the idea of the bill but had certain reservations. Included in those reservations was the ability of patients to smoke the drug.

Amendments were made to the bill lat Monday night in hopes of getting it on the floor for a vote before the end of session. Things looked good for that to happen on Tuesday but not so fast.

Cuomo's has confirmed that no deal has been reached in getting the bill passed. The Governor says he will not sign the newly amended version.

The current version would allow those with any of the specific 20 diseases listed the ability to take the drug under the supervision of medial physician. There are no age restrictions.

So what is Cuomo hung up on? He still has concerns over patients smoking the drug, which he doesn't believe they should be able to. The other is that he wants a 'sunset provision' to address what he calls public health and safety issues that could come from usage of the drug.

So far the bill has passed assembly and Senate Health Committee.

Legislature ends on Thursday, so the bill might not pass until after the summer break.