I've always wondered if being a woman was a lot like being a kangaroo and this story pretty much confirms my suspicions are correct. Christina Lafave was arrested for stealing property from one of her clients and hiding it in a very unique place. 

Christina was invited to a man’s room at the Wynn in Las Vegas, according to the Review Journal. She agreed to give him a private massage in exchange for $300. After the task was finished her “client” then realized his super expensive Rolex watch was missing. The 25-year-old masseuse denied taking it and soon hotel security was called to the room. No one could seem to find the watch anywhere in the room and then the police arrived to arrest Lafave.

After police arrested Lafave, she allegedly came clean on the whereabouts of this missing watch. It would appear that she treated her lady parts a lot like the crocodile from "Peter Pan." You see, her lady parts also enjoyed eating things that keep time.

It’s hard to say if this watch has gained or lessened in value after the mess it’s been through.