Everyone needs a fix every once in awhile.  Why not let me help you satisfy your need for Metallica?  I promise you'll thank me.  Read on and I'll tell you more.

Being that I am the new night bitch at Q103, it has become my responsibility to provide you with an array of the finest Metallica music available.  If I know how to do anything right, it's creating Metallica lineups so phenomenal you'll stand in a corner later and cry.  Instead of doing that though, why don't you man up and sign up to be a Q-Army member now because when you do, you may just get something special.  

Every night at 10:00 receive your daily dose of Mandatory Metallica (doctor prescribed).  I'll give you three songs in a row from the greatest band in the world.  When you hear the title of the second song (which I will tell you, so stop drooling over "Babe of the Day" for 40 seconds and pay attention!!), go to q103albany.com and type in the title to earn 500 bonus points you can put toward things you want that we want to give you - win/win situation, people.

You only have until midnight to put in that night's second song title to get the rewards so DO AS I COMMAND YOU!  You don't want to be the only loser on the block who didn't get free swag, right?

Mandatory Metallica every Monday through Friday at 10pm.  I'll meet you there.