If you're a huge dork like me than you have been watching the IBM challenge on Jeopardy this week.  Right now Watson the super computer is kicking some homosapien butt.  Ken Jennings, the most famous Jeopardy champ, is one of the men taking on the computer and he was a guest today with Free Beer & Hot Wings.

Tonight is the final round of the Jeopardy IBM challenge.  We have watched man battle machine for the past 2 days and last night Ken Jennings finished up a bit behind Watson.  This has been a pretty amazing thing to watch, and also more proof that we will soon be taken over by robots of some sort.  Today Ken Jennings joined Free Beer & Hot Wings to talk about what exactly it's like to be taking on Watson.  In a word, hard.  That's how Ken described it.  He also said he has a feeling that Watson may walk away victorious.    I think it's pretty sweet that Jennings is tied with the machine, because I was pretty sure for a while that Jennings was also a robot.  Love him or hate him,  he is fighting for humanity.  Check out his interview from this mornings show.