Tyler Bellick of Schenectady is what I would call an opportunist. You see an opportunity to increase the number of women you have from 0 to a limo full, you take it! Increasing the amount of women you have stockpiled in a stolen limo only helps your odds of getting laid or finding true love that night.

“Tyler Bellick, 22, was drunk when he stole the limo with about a dozen women in it then drove a short distance before crashing the vehicle. Police say he stole the limo in an attempt to avoid using the interlocking breathalyzer device that was installed in his own vehicle after a previous DWI conviction…

…He was sentenced to six months in prison and restitution of $520 for the limo company, along with an ignition interlock device in his car.” –News10

The more I read into this story I think Bellick may be less of an opportunist and more of a bad decision maker. I can respect the ambition to find a way home around the breathalyzer in your own car. Also going for a limo was a nice touch of class and style. However, grabbing the limo full of wildly obnoxious bachelorette party members was not the best move. I can’t stand these kinds of “wooing” chicks in a wide open bar setting let alone a small confined container of metal on wheels that I am the drunken pilot of.