Got to love technology.

With all these crazy videos we find on the Internet, it's becoming harder and harder to be shocked or impressed with all this craziness. So when a guy brutally blast himself in the face with a ball-barring shot from a slingshot, we have to check it out.

Another byproduct of technology: many of these videos have a higher production quality. It's way easier to add graphic sounds and effects to your videos. Joreg Sprave is one of these guy that takes advantage of this in his Youtube channel known as "The Slingshot Channel."

While showing off his new slingshot that he built to be less painful to the user, Joreg bounces a ball barring off his backstop and catches it with his face. He immediately falls to the ground, riving in pain while gushing blood.

And with the technology Joreg used to make this video, he also duped many viewers who thought this was real. With some clever camera angles and special effects Joreg made a fairly convincing video, to promote a movie that he will be in. Watch him explains how he did it below. Joreg will also tell us about the movie he is promoting.