Some people say that it’s impossible and even talking about it is as silly as discussing a unicorn, believing that neither is real. But this guy gives me inspiration!

Honestly, that’s my big dream, to be a professional gambler. One who makes a living from picking football and basketball games. Watch this video from 60 Minutes and you might start believing. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. Most people fail miserably, and I’ve fallen on my face a few times as well. But I’ve always believed that it’s possible. My only problem is that it takes big money to make big money. So if you know someone who has ridiculous amounts of money that would like to be my backer, please send them my way. No matter what your dreams are, it’s always refreshing to see that something is possible when others tell that it’s not.

I suppose that I can’t make a post like this without giving out a pick for the evening right? Boy, there are a lot of great looking games on the board this tonight in NCAA hoops with Cuse/Uconn, Duke/Mary, Marquette/Villanova. All those games look like fun ones to watch but I don’t have a feel on any of them. So although I’m not betting house on this one, I will make a small play on Seton Hall + 8.5 vs. W. Virginia as Jeremy Hazell has been back in the line up for a handful of games now and is making up for the ones he was out. Go Pirates!