As requested in this weeks hack we will turn an empty 22oz bottle in to a drinking glass.You will need:

One empty 22 oz bottle

One roll of string or yarn (yarn works best)

A few ounces of nail polish remover

One Small bowl

A bucket or sink full of ice cold water

One lighter

80 and 100 grit sand paper.

First you poor your nail polish remover in the small bowl. Then you cut enough yarn to wrap around the bottle 5 or 6 times.  Soak the yarn in the nail polish remover for about 5 mins. Once the yarn is thoroughly drenched in the nail polish remover, warp it around the bottle 5 or 6 times. While standing close to your bucket or sink of ice water, light the yarn on fire. wait for the fire to go out and gently drop your empty drop your bottle in the water. You should see the bottle pop in to two pieces. Allow the bottle to sit for 20 minutes before sanding it. Wash it and enjoy a nice cold beverage.