I often think I have a pretty good life, and I don’t believe I have ever thought about wishing it to end prematurely. However, if my penis is ever eating off by a rat I might want to cash in my chips right then and there.

According to the Huffington Post a 53 year old man was checked into a hospital in Kolkata, India with a bad case of pneumonia. When his family members came to visit the man, he was alone in his room lying in a puddle of blood. The pneumonia patients penis had been nibbled by rats and was withering in pain. Later in the day the man was pronounced dead.

Now you may think dying after your penis is eaten by rats is the icing on the cake. But when I look at it, if that we’re me, I would prefer to die ASAP after something like that. I think the worse part of this story is that it was a rat that had done the removal. Had it been some sort of awesome animal it might be a story worth sticking around to tell. “Hey man how’d you loose your penis”? “Oh, I was snorkeling naked with some Brazilian swim suit model off the coast of South Africa at Seal Island and a great white champed it off when I forced my self into its face”. Now, that’s something people hear and almost forget about the fact you don’t have a penis. Instead they focus more on the fact that you sodomized a great white’s mouth. You may not be much of a man anymore but at least you’ll still be known as “the man”!