I have heard some piss poor excuses for why a crime is committed, but a Connecticut man has taken the cake with his reasoning for robbing an 81 year old lady at the  Mohegan Sun casino.  Why did  Winston Riley pull out a knife in a casino elevator?  He was sleepwalking.  Riiiiiiight.

Riley, a 27 year old man from Connecticut was accused of attempted robbery, with reports claiming he and an 81 year old lady were riding in a parking garage elevator at the Mohegan Sun casino when he pulled a knife and demanded her purse. Riley's attorney, Nicholas D'Amato, provides a stellar reason for his clients actions: he was sleepwalking.

According to Eric Pfeiffer from Yahoo news, D'Amato is quoted as saying ""I told the judge and prosecutor, 'Here's a guy who's (27), no criminal record, married'". . . "'Do you honestly think he woke up one morning, drove across the state and decided to rob a woman in a place full of security cameras?' It doesn't make sense if you think about it rationally."

Of course, because when I sleep walk, I carry knives.  *Shakes head*  What do you think? Believable?