"Hey Alex you forgot smoking lamp. [He throws it and the glass pipe breaks] I'm sorry was that expensive piece?" If you've ever seen the movie Grandma's Boy, then you know how much guys (and some girls) can cherish their glass pipes. This was the case with one Florida couple, and when his girlfriend accidentally broke his, he got more than a little mad. He almost killed her.

20-year-old Brandon Chviek has been arrested and charged with domestic battery and strangulation, aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia after he attacked his live-in girlfriend who shattered his smoking device.

After the initial incident, Chviek pointed a gun to his girlfriend and then proceeded to hit her to the ground and then choked her. She later told police she thought he was going to kill her, but luckily she was spared. Shortly after the attack, the girlfriend escaped and went right to the police. At that time, she had scratches and bruises on her face.

Chviek later told police that he had acted out of self-defense after his girlfriend tried to trap him in their apartment and that he does not own a gun.

He is currently in Alachua County Jail on $27,000 bond.


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