I’m calling shenanigans on this real life M. C. Escher painting! You expect me to believe a bunch of nerds that these stairs actually never end? I've watched this video over and over and I want to buy into it but I just can’t if this is a video editing trick it is some super impressive work. However I have seen “Avatar” so I know anything is possible. There are a few things that don’t allow me to buy into this video.

Number one: I grew up in Rochester and I have never herd of such a thing. If these were really built in 1968 don’t you think it would have been a well known staple of the city? Wouldn't my Father have brought me as a child to see it? Wouldn't my Aunt the artist take some interest in it and bring it up at a family dinner?

Number two: these on camera interviews are not the greatest reactions I could expect. No one on campus knows about this stair case? Really, kids don’t get high and then go have their minds blown by this magical mystical stair case?

I really want to believe this video is real but I have been jaded by the fibbers on the internet so RIT you are full of crap! That is unless of course I somehow return home and you prove me completely wrong. But until then just know that your story has giant holes in it and I’m not buying it. But just in case you are a school full of sorcerers and this is a real magic stair well, please know that I am just kidding and no spell needs to be caste on me.


PS: Dear Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, lets step it up already! RIT has magic stairs that never end. Where is our magic glass with never ending beer?