Playboy magazine cover

Lizzy Jagger (27) is the daughter of Rock n Roll icon Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. When I first heard that she would appear in Playboy, (not knowing what she looked like) I was a little creeped out saying to myself “What happens if I were to ‘get busy’ with this magazine and all of a sudden I see some resemblance of Mick Jagger in her face. Doh! That would suck, as I think I would have stop right in the middle and call it a day. But after seeing the cover shot, I don’t think I have to worry about that for 2 reasons. One, She doesn’t look anything like Mick (Thank God), and second she’s not even pretty enough for me to want to get that stage. Talk about getting offers by living off someone’s name. There’s a zillion other women I’d rather see naked than Lizzy. Why can’t they get Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv Tyler? Now that would be something. Hell, just go back and give me one of those college issues with ‘The Girls of the Big Ten’ or something. (Those were always my favorites.) With so much porn available on the internet, how does Playboy magazine even exist anymore? Oh wait, Playboy is in a world of it’s own by being a classy magazine. Yeah, right.