Do you have a question to ask Godsmack bass player Robbie Merrill?  Tonight at 5:30 is a live chat where you can talk to Robbie about anything - well just about anything.  Ask him about his thoughts of playing at Q103's Q-Ruption at SPAC on August 19th.  He will also do some jammin, so bring your bass.  Keep reading to get connected to the live chat . Robbie Merrill bass player from the band Godsmack, headliner of the Q103 Q-Ruption will be holding a live chat tonight at 5:30pm.  You can link to the live chat thru Rock Dawg University. It's a free live Q&A chat.  Robbie and Rock Dawg University do charge for chats when he does live bass jam sessions and you can get a coupon off those chats by participating in tonights chat.

He is a father of a new baby named Nevin Lorraine, so perhaps you might want to ask how he and his wife are dealing with a crying, sleeping, pooping new born.

You can also ask his thoughts of playing with Godsmack on the Mayhem Festival.  Godsmack will at SPAC on August 19th for Q-Ruption. Also performing Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Sick Puppies and Egypt Central.