No he isn't but a hilarious prankster has posted these awesome missing person posters all over Los Angeles.

I love a good practical joke, especially when it's done in good taste.  The fact of the matter is Lionel Richie is not a missing person, but these posters are getting more attention than he has the last few years so maybe he should consider it.  I hope he can also appreciate a good joke.

The little pull tabs to call someone if you find him are full of the first verse of "Hello", one of Richie's most famous songs. A monster hit back in the day, now mostly made fun of and secretly loved by Lionel fans (this guy). So who put up these hilarious posters?  Some think it may have been street artist Banksy, but it doesn't really seem like his normal style to me so I am going to rule him out.  Whoever it was, great job because this was an awesome thing to  wake up and see.