While most thieves target expensive electronics and jewelry, police say they caught a man in Troy, NY going for the good stuff: LEGO sets and Magic: The Gathering playing cards. Police say Justin Allard was taken into state police custody after he was caught boosting $1,162 worth of bricks and cards. 

State police say Allard was spotted Thursday by security guards at the Walmart on Hoosick Road snatching all the nerdy goods he could get his hands on.

Now, had Allard tried to smuggle the LEGO bricks out of the store hidden in his shoes, I bet security would have let him go rather than mess with someone displaying that level of badassery.

Allard was charged with grand larceny and taken to Rensselaer County Jail. Something about this one makes me think Allard's one phone call from jail is more likely to be to his mom than girlfriend.

Composite: NY State Police; Magic: The Gathering