Just because Kim Kardashian and her hubby to be, NBA star Kris Humphries are already rich doesn't mean they want you to cheap out on a wedding gift.  Seriously though, some of this stuff is absolutely ridiculous.

Speaking as someone who has just recently gotten engaged, I am on the same path as Miss Kardashian and Mr. Humphries.  Too bad my budget isn't as big.  I think they might be going a little overboard on the gift registry though.

These guys are both adults who have been living the high life for some time now.  So when I see things on their gift registry like and $880 salad spoon, yes they apparently make salad spoons that cost that much, I think to myself why would you possibly need that?  How who is the dope that's getting that for them?  The Hollywood life posted a list of all the things that the future Mr. & Mrs. Humphries would like as gifts and I gotta tell you, if I am going to this wedding I would be pissed.  Here some of the items and the price:

- $375 candy bowl

- $470 picture frame

- The previously mentioned $880 salad spoon

-$950 "large" vase

-and are you ready for this? $6500 black vase!

Oh don't worry, if you can't come up with a $6500 black vase they also have a cheaper, smaller black vase listed for just $4625.  Come on guys!  You probably already have all this crap anyway!  I know the point of a gift registry is to ask for fancy crap you'll never use but this just seems crazy.  My fiance and I are going to do a honeymoon registry in place of gifts.  Since we already live together we have pretty much everything we need, so why ask for more?  Instead we thought it more practical to have people contribute to a real gift, like our honeymoon.  Some other couples do a house registry to contribute to buying  home.  none of the above is what either of these two needs assistance with.