Last season on 30 Rock Elizabeth Banks' character Avery Jessup was kidnapped by Kim Jong Il.  Now that Kim Jong has died, what does that mean for the shows plot line? Things could get weird for NBC sitcom 30 Rock because a key player in the shows subplot has died.  No it's not one of the actors, it's North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.  What does the death of Kim Jong mean for Avery Jessup?

In the shows preview for it's January debut you see that they have clearly already filmed episodes featuring the late North Korean leader so it will be interesting to see how they handle the situation.  Will they just ignore the fact and carry on?  Or incorporate the death and rethink the situation?

South Park killed of Saddam Hussein long before his death and no one seemed bothered by it so perhaps the 30 Rock viewers will just let this one slide for the sake of a few laughs.