You can get a glimpse of Kid Rock's softer side in the new issue of Men's Journal where he gives an interview about growing up, mellowing down, and avoiding sad movies.  The interesting part - he and I have the same exact opinion on Hilary Swank movies!  Exciting stuff lies ahead.

Detroit's golden child Kid Rock gave a candid interview in the latest issue of Men's Journal.  You can find it here, but the gist of it is this - while still a bad boy at heart, Kid Rock (real name Robert James Ritchie - no relation to Guy) has hit the road block we all eventually face as the years come and go.  You can't party every single night; at some point, it becomes physically impossible to go on consecutive, all-night party binges.  I must admit I never thought any rockstar of Kid's calibur would succumb to the same party-plights of the common, every day man.  The lives of famous musicians usually see them partying long and hard well into their golden years (anyone see "Family Jewels" lately?).  It's comforting to see Kid Rock talk about being more conscious about choosing night to stay in or passing out on planned nights instead of it happening randomly here and there.

When it comes to movies, Kid Rock talks about wanting happy endings instead of tear-jerkers.  Doesn't seem very conducive to his whole rockstar persona, but anything that makes celebrities seem more man than myth is a plus in my book.  Not to mention, I must give the dude a hearty thumbs up for avoiding any and all movies involving Hilary Swank.  Would it kill you to do a comedy?!  Though to be fair, Hilary Swank smiling is just as apt to scare the living bejeezus out of you just as much as sad, depressing, regular Hilary Swank can.  Honestly, it kills me when people that play ONE type of role their entire careers are the ones that win Oscars.  How about a little variety?  Isn't it better to have range and depth as an actor instead of a shelf of trophies applauding your ability to do well the same exact thing ad nauseum?  Sorry, I digress.

No matter what he does, he definitely hasn't lost his edge.  It seems there was even a song that was cut from his last album called "F&#$, I'm 40."  The man has a sense of humor, and says no-one laughs harder at Kid Rock than himself.  That statement alone is enough to make me like this guy even more.  He couldn't have been more lovable than when he got in that "disagreement" with Tommy Lee at the MTV awards a few years ago.  I was routing for Kid Rock then and I'm still routing for him now.  He lives life the way he chooses, answers to no one, and respects his roots.  He's a respectable guy in his own weird way and this interview shows his best side.  Plus, there's bonus footage of him romping on the beach.  F-U-N.