Today is an absolutely perfect day to just sit outside and enjoy a couple adult beverages. Oh yeah, and you can listen to me sing and play too. Yeah that’s right… this is a shameless plug for myself. Head on down to R Bar (Pearl St. Albany) when you get out of work and I will do my best to entertain you until about 9 or so.

I do lot of Zeppelin and The Who, but can definitely mix it up with a little Prince and Kings of Leon. I love this gig, because although I’m working at R Bar I’m still outside on the sidewalk. I love being that guy playing out the sidewalk. I like watching the people go by while I play. Some stop for a minute and throw me a couple bucks. Some decide to sit down and have a few drinks, and some just smile and keep moving on. Either way, it’s all good to me. I get to play music outside, and ‘people watch’ at the same time. It’s fun. If you can’t make it down tonight, I’m there every Friday evening. But don’t be one of those people that say “Oh he’s down there every Friday during the summer… I’ll go down some other time” and then never make it down because you keep saying you’ll come the next Friday. I’m going to have some fun tonight no matter what. If I don’t see you, have a great 4th of July weekend!