The Major League Baseball World Series begins tonight in St Louis. Although there are no New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox teams in this series, there are plenty of story lines, match ups and players to watch.  Two teams have traveled similar paths to earn the right to play in the World Series. The St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers.

Albert Pujois -

He is probably baseball's best player over the last decade or so.  A story line that may over shadow the World Series is after the season is over, he'll become a free agent.    Will St Louis keep him?  Can he help win a championship and make more money in free agency?  Will he become a Yankee or Red Sox?

Nelson Cruz -

He is the hot hitting Ranger that has erupted to hit a few post season home runs and be named the ALCS MVP.  Did you know he started his career as a Met?  Will he remain hot or go back to regular season form?

Lance Berkman-

This guy said that the Texas Rangers didn't what it takes to make the World Series, and felt St Louis had a better chance which is why he left Texas to sign a 1 year deal with the Cardinals.  Of course he used to be a Yankee and many thought his career was over.

C.J Wilson -

During the off season, Lance Berkam said that the Rangers were a one year wonder especially without pitcher Cliff Lee.  C.J Wilson took exception to that statement and will be the starting pitcher on the mound in game 1 for Texas.

Josh Hamilton -

This could finally be the year for Josh Hamilton to win a championship.  Last year he didn't have his best post-season against the Giants.  He is hampered by a groin injury and remains to be seen if he will be a threat in this series.   He could dedicate this series for the man who died after falling out of the stands trying to catch a ball thrown to him by Hamilton.

Tony LaRusso -

Manager of the St Louis Cardinals and often referred to as a Mastermind.  He is best friends with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.  He probably is the best current manager.

Nolan Ryan -

Throughout the World Series, television cameras will find and show Nolan Ryan sitting in the stands.  He has strong facial expressions and if asked a question, you will get the answer straight up.   He is part owner of the Rangers and feels the time is right for the Texas Rangers to win their first championship.

The Weather-

After numerous rain delays in the Championship and Division Series, no rain is expected.  However it will be near freezing cold in St Louis this week.

Also the times off all games will be at 8pm in both cities.  No need to stagger times to accommodate the East Coast or West Coasts.  Games also won't be on late unless it's extra innings.    All games will be on FOX.


Game 1  Wednesday, October 19   TEX @ STL   8 p.m.

Game 2  Thursday, October 20  TEX @ STL   8 p.m.

Game 3   Saturday, October 22   STL @ TEX    8 p.m.

Game 4   Sunday, October 23    STL @ TEX     8 p.m.

Game 5*   Monday, October 24    STL @ TEX     TBA

Game 6*   Wednesday, October 26   TEX @ STL   TBA

Game 7*   Thursday, October 27   TEX @ STL     TBA

* if necessary