As if things weren't bad enough for the Motor City, they have just been ordered to close more than half of their public schools due to budget cuts.

Detroit has had a pretty rough go for years now.  When the economy tanked it was one of the places hit the hardest.  Now things are going to get even worse.  Due to a massive budget deficit they have to close close to half the public schools in the city.  They will be going from 142 schools to 72 and class sizes will be near 60 kids per teacher.  That seems a bit crazy if you ask me.  How do they expect a teacher to be able to help kids if they are dealing with so many?  And you can expect teachers to be losing their jobs too.  It's only expected when you close down half the schools.  That will really help the economy, more unemployed people.

A recent survey showed that half the city of Detroit's people make far below the national average as far as income goes.  Something needs to be done to get this city back on it's feet.  I have never seen a bigger place fall more apart.  I guess if we had just started making more fuel efficient cars back in the 70's when experts said too, maybe we wouldn't have this problem.  The American auto industry wouldn't of plummeted into the ground and half of Detroit wouldn't need some sort of government assistance.   I feel the worse for the kids.  How are they ever expected to get out of somewhere like this if they are continually held back?