Sick of 'Millennials'? Frustrated at all the movie remakes, TV show repeats, and lack of original ideas in mainstream media nowadays.  Or maybe you're frustrated at all the GREAT new rock music that's BURIED by mainstream pop and YouTube sensations.  OR, maybe your a horror movie fanatic and want to play some horror movie trivia!  Either way, for ALL things Generation X vs. Millennial, you're going to want to catch Q103's very own Dan America on his new podcast, featuring yours truly- Rock Girl Tatiana- as we engage in debates, rants, reviews, and fun games about all things pop culture! You can head to iTunes or Google Play to check out "The Generation X Files" and start listening (and if you really like it, then subscribe to be notified when a new episode comes out)!  You can also listen right here on our very own website! Because really, what's more fun than a good rant to chime in on.

"The Generation X Files" podcast, available on iTunes and GooglePlay!