The dudes from Devour the Day, Joey “Chicago” Walser and Blake Allison, stopped by the Q103 studios to chat with me about the latest and greatest with the band. Devour the Day are the surviving members of the band Egypt Central and in my talk with Joey and Blake, they explained to me why they are still working together and why they are still working well together. This is my first time meeting the guys from Devour the Day and already I have learned so much about their fun and complicated background. Joey opens up about his early visits to rehab and how teenage Blake and him met in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Devor the Day is playing tonight at the Upstate Concert Hall with Trapt. The band was also recently added to the Hell Pop tour with headliners In This Moment. Check out my latest conversation with Joey Walser and Blake Allison from Devour the Day and keep an eye out for the re-release of their re-mastered album “Time and Pressure.”


 “That was Joey and I’s first break into the top 10.”

“…we put it together ourselves and we released it ourselves…”

“How can I do this if I got my hands in your pants?”

“…I have a sick obsession for Chicago hot dogs.”

“I brush my teeth with hot dogs…”

“I have such a weird shaped head…”

“”I was sent to rehab when I was 17… my parents were like ‘we look bad at church, you have to change’…”

“Brian Malouf…honestly artistically one of the coolest person we have ever worked with…”


Scott Olson/Getty Images