Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry assured fans via Twitter that everything between him and the rest of the Aerosmith guys is absolutely fine.

While the rest of the guys in Aerosmith got together to do a little writing for an upcoming album, Joe Perry was no where to be found.  We know that he was not for Steven Tyler being part of American idol, so is there some tension?  According to Perry, everything is just peachy.

Perry took to Twitter to let all of his loyal fans know that things with Aersosmith are just as good as usual.  The only reason that he couldn't be there with the rest of the guys to do some writing was because he had a commitment that he could not get out of.

I am in Aerosmith. I am not going anywhere, the band isn’t writing any more. It was only for 8 days. If ya need a jolt get my last solo CD.

-Joe Perry (via Twitter)

Aerosmith is expected to pick up writing on this new album sometime in the spring and according to Joe Perry they will be writing for an extended period of time.  He also said that they would need all 5 members writing on the album to make it a "real" Aersosmith album.  He also said that communication between him and Steven Tyler is good.  Apparently they text all the time.  I still can't help but wonder if maybe Joe was trying to send a message to the rest of the guys.  Seriously, no Joe Perry, no Aersosmith.  It would seem as silly as when they were auditioning new singers while Steven Tyler was in rehab.  That quickly stopped.  If we get some new Aersosmith that would be just fine, love the band.  But if we don't, i think I'll be ok cranking up some Toys in the Attic and Draw The Line.