He will forever be remembered as the man who beat Muhammad Ali in the Fight of the Century in 1971.  Late last night Smokin' Joe Frazier lost his battle with liver cancer.  He was 67. Joe Frazier was part of an age of boxing that is long gone in most peoples eyes.  He was a legend of the ring, and his fights with Muhammad Ali will go down in history as some of the greatest of the sport.  According to ESPN, a few months prior to his death he is still asked about those famous fights.  Frazier said that it was the "greatest thing to ever happen in my life."  Though until very recently, Frazier and Ali did not get along even years after their fights.

That battle is probably attributed to the fact that outside of the ring Ali was brutal to Frazier.  He called him a "gorilla" and an "Uncle Tom".  Even in 1996 when Ali came out to light the torch at the Atlanta Olympics, Frazier said he wished that somebody had thrown him in.

Of course recently Frazier has forgiven Ali for the comments made 40 years ago.  When asked to comment on the death of Joe Frazier Muhammad Ali was nothing but kind and humble.  "I will always remember Joe with respect and admiration.  My sympathy goes out to his friends and loved ones."