Perhaps we have jumped the gun a little bit on paying big bucks for a Jeremy Lin rookie card.  A guy recently cashed in on a signed one for over $20,000.

Not sure what would have possessed a guy to go up to Jeremy Lin as a rookie and get his card signed, but he did it, and now he has cashed in on 'Linsanity'.  The card sold on eBay for $21,580, proving that here in the USA we totally jump the gun on things.

Yes Jeremy Lin is a damn good basketball player, but he's only played in a handful of games so far.  Maybe we should at least wait to see what happens at the end of the season.  Nope- buy, buy, buy.  Maybe, just maybe this guy traveled back from the future and saw that Lin was going to be the next big thing and decided he could get 5x what he paid for the card.  I'm going to go with the obvious though, and that's that he is an idiot.