On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to see a band called Flame at Freedom Park in Scotia. The thing that intrigued me about this band was that there were ten members, all with some sort of physical or mental handicap. They play only cover songs but were very cohesive and impressive. Check out the photos after the jump.

Flame was formed in 2003 in upstate New York, and now almost a decade later they play 100 shows or more per year, mostly around the state and surrounding areas. They have played in 16 states thus far. Their disabilities include blindness, down syndrome, autism and physical handicaps. They perform for all sorts of events and absolutely love what they do. Their website states:

They have released four CDs and travel on a custom tour bus. Events have catapulted Flame into the national spotlight.  Performances at Manhattan's Gracie Mansion for NYC Mayor Bloomberg, being in "People" magazine and being featured on ABC TV's "Good Morning America" has positioned Flame to greatly expand their scope of influence.

Their performance included tracks by The Beatles, Jason Mraz, The Temptations, Little Richard, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Smoky Robinson and Lynard Skynard.

Check out their tour dates here.