We've heard of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate but this might be going a bit too far.

Only a few days removed from Easter where chocolate bunnies and jellybeans reign supreme, comes news of a new flavor of milk for those who can't enough of a candy fix.

Carlinville, Illinois' Prairie Farms Jellybean flavored milk is becoming a bit of a hit, despite the super sweet taste and pink color.

Sales manager for Prairie Farms Rebecca Leinenbach told River Front Times:

It hasn't appealed to everyone, but we knew that it wouldn't. We're just trying to have something for everyone. It's been more popular with children.

She continues by saying their seasonal and holiday offerings are a huge hit that:

[Customers asked] 'Why don't you do this more often?' We thought, 'Well, why not?'

Prairie Farms releases seasonal flavors around Easter including Egg Nog and Chocolate Marshmallow Milk. Red Velvet Milk is already on the list for holiday flavors along with their Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog for Thanksgiving and the traditional Egg Nog for Christmas.

By the way, the Jellybean flavor sold out quickly this year.